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Everything started with a flavourful Dried Boletus dish. It has gone on with a Good Food Diet.

We initially come from the locale where the woods/wild mushrooms are gathered each spring and pre-winter. Furthermore, Natural Timberland Mushrooms are about flavor, sustenance and medical advantages. These are scrumptious items procured from immaculate nature.

After over six years of going all over the planet, we chose to call Texas our new home. At the point when we moved to Texas, we fell head over heels for the energy and assortment of food choices. Following two years of living in the city, we saw that something is missing - flavourful solid dishes made of wild mushrooms. The thought was quickly conceived, and we are right here.


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We deliver the best products ever!

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Every one of our items from an unpolluted climate are made of unadulterated woodland. In a period of goliath corporate homesteads, where the flavor is frequently forfeited for uniform size and appearance, we hang out in the obligation to sell normally developed items or items developed in regular circumstances.

Our Customer

Our fundamental assets are great items, good food energy, qualified and experienced accomplices and serious costs.